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Our story - it is not about bikes

The roots of Pedal Box actually began in 2012 when planning a honeymoon. I had suggested to Kat that a cheap and fun way to explore far off lands would be to cycle. Only snag, Kat couldn't ride a bike. No problem! We bought a tandem. While riding a bike is not second nature to Kat, dreaming big is. Before I knew it, we had a one-way flight to New Zealand. Over the next two years, with our life's essentials packed into some panniers and a trailer, we took the long way home, cycling our tandem over 20,000 miles and exploring more than 20 countries.

People thought we must be passionate about bikes. Not really. But, as a vehicle for adventure, exploration and connection with the world around you, they are truly amazing. We also spotted how versatile bike by delivery could be. 


Fast forward to 2021

Pedal Box was started during the pandemic in 2021 with a simple idea of bringing locally produced goods to people's doorsteps by bicycle. We started delivering baked goods from Roam Bakery to the Stoke area of Plymouth. Deliveries through the website now connect central Plymouth with a growing list of favourites including Heyl Bakery, Jacka Bakery, Hedgerow Hound, Owens Coffee and the Fresh Flour Company.

Pedal Box has started to offer larger wholesale deliveries for local businesses. The small fleet of electric pedal-powered vehicles has expanded to adapt to those needs. Kat, after glimpsing my spreadsheets and paperwork, keeps things running smoothly behind the scenes. 


The vision of Pedal Box now is to explore wider possibilities and the benefits of local, zero emission pedal-power within Plymouth. Pedal Box is not passionate about bikes. It has simply recognised that if you want to deliver services, connect and transport over short distances in a hilly city, then electric cargo bikes and trikes can often offer the simplest, cheapest and most pleasing solutions. We are passionate about our city and want to be part of its happier, brighter and sustainable future. 

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