Pedal Box Windows

Pedal Box Windows - Pure Water, Zero Emissions, 100% Renewable.
(We are friendly and professional too!)

Welcome to Plymouth's most sustainable window cleaning service. Presently cleaning windows in PL1, Stoke and St Judes! 


We clean windows using the water fed pole method which involves using purified water to clean your windows with our poles and brushes. Our professional filtration system removes impurities and minerals. If you were to spray normal tap water on your windows it would leave dirty spots due to those impurities. With pure water, you are left with perfectly clean windows (or we will come back and redo it!) Get a free quote today

The benefits of using our water fed pole are:

  • Being able to clean windows at height without using ladders, respecting your privacy and property.
  • Reaching those awkward to reach windows like those above conservatories or garages.
  • The ability to effectively clean all your UPVC like sills and frames.
  • No chemicals or soaps used.

 The benefits of Pedal Box's unique cargo bike based system:

  • Zero emissions
  • 100% pedal power and renewable electricity
  • No parking issues - can clean windows around pedestrianised areas and double yellow lines.
  • We can help your business meet its carbon reduction goals.
  • It is the same friendly, trusted and professional service that already provides you with local deliveries.

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Pedal Box Ltd is a fully insured to carry out window cleaning services.